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Welcome to Apex's application section of the forum. Please use the application template below to submit your application the more information you can provide us with the better. How you portray yourself in the application goes along towards us deciding whether or not you would fit into our guild. Private applications accepted please PM an officer on the forum.

Apex [EU-Kazzak] Application Template

------------ Copy all the text below this line and paste into a new topic ------------

1. Character Name:

2. What is your name?

3. What is your age?

4. Where are you from?

5. Do you know anyone in Apex?

6. Give us some information about yourself in real life.

7. What is your character class, spec and off spec? Please provide an armory link.

8. What is the reason you are playing this class/spec?

9. What is your general rotation on a single target boss fight? What spells are your priority? Which cool downs do you have to benefit the raid?

10. Which stats/secondary stats do your spec benefit the most from? When you are gemming what do you take in consideration?

11. Do you use any websites/programmes to do theory-crafting on your character/gear? Give the names.

12. Please post a link to your current UI (preferably taken in a raid).

13. Please confirm your internet connection is reliable for 20 man raiding (Use

14. Can you raid on the designated times, Wednesday Thursday and Monday at 21.00-24.00 server time?

15. Do you have any issue being sat out of raids when requested by the Raid Leader

16. Please detail previous raiding experiences, guilds and the reason of leaving?

17. Anything you can add that we might find valuable? (We highly value old players, especially people from previous expansions with experience on current content).
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